Microsoft’s market capitalization has surged past Apple’s

Microsoft’s market capitalization has surged past Apple’s, reaching an impressive $2.87 trillion compared to Apple’s $2.86 trillion . This significant milestone reflects a remarkable journey for Microsoft, which has strategically diversified its business and demonstrated consistent growth in recent years.

Microsoft’s ascent to the pinnacle of the business world is not a sudden occurrence but the result of a well-executed strategy. The company’s cloud computing division, Azure, has been a major driver of its success, boasting a 40% increase in revenue in the last quarter alone . This surge in cloud services has not only attracted corporate clients but has also positioned Microsoft as a formidable competitor in the rapidly expanding cloud market.

While Apple has long held the top spot in terms of market valuation, recent challenges, including concerns about slowing iPhone sales and supply chain disruptions, have impacted its standing. Apple’s market capitalization currently stands at $2.86 trillion, reflecting a 2.5% decrease in the past month. Analysts are closely watching how Apple responds to these challenges and whether the upcoming product launches will help the company regain its footing.

Reference: Financial Times : Bloomberg

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