IT Spending in India Set to Rebound in 2024, Gartner Forecasts 10.7% Growth

Date: December 23, 2023

In a promising turn of events for the Information Technology (IT) industry, Gartner, Inc. has released its latest forecast indicating a positive upswing in IT spending in India for the year 2024. After facing a decline in 2023, the industry is expected to experience a notable recovery, with projected spending reaching $124.6 billion, marking a significant 10.7% increase from the previous year.


The IT industry plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and innovation globally, and India has emerged as a key player in this dynamic sector. The forecasted rebound in IT spending is a positive indicator for the country's technological landscape, suggesting a renewed focus on digital transformation, innovation, and technological advancements.

Gartner has provided the Indian IT Industries Spending forecast that shows very promising results in the coming year ahead 2024

Key Findings:

1. Reversal of 2023 Decline:

The most notable aspect of Gartner's forecast is the anticipated reversal of the decline witnessed in 2023. This decline was attributed to various factors such as economic uncertainties, global disruptions, and the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The projected growth in 2024 signals a recovery and renewed confidence in the IT sector.

2. Factors Driving Growth:

Several factors contribute to the optimistic outlook for IT spending in India in 2024. The increasing adoption of digital technologies, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to fuel investments in IT infrastructure. Businesses are likely to prioritize cybersecurity measures, data analytics, and emerging technologies to enhance their operational efficiency and stay competitive in the evolving business landscape.

3. Focus on Digital Transformation:

With the accelerated pace of digital transformation across industries, organizations are allocating budgets to modernize their IT systems, improve customer experiences, and streamline business processes. The forecasted growth reflects a strategic shift towards leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Industry Experts' Insights:

Prominent industry experts have weighed in on the forecast, expressing confidence in the resilience of the Indian IT sector. They emphasize the importance of businesses adapting to the evolving technological landscape to remain agile and responsive to market demands.


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The positive outlook for IT spending in India in 2024, as forecasted by Gartner, brings a sense of optimism to the industry. Businesses are expected to prioritize technology investments to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and navigate the evolving digital landscape. As the country continues to position itself as a global technology hub, the projected growth in IT spending underscores the resilience and adaptability of the Indian IT sector in the face of challenges. 

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